Why Foundation

At Foundation Academy, we aim to teach our athletes about the game of basketball and football, including the rules and regulations, as well as tips and techniques to play the game more competitively and effectively, which in turn helps athletes excel and be successful both on and off the court. Our staff strives to give athletes the individualized basketball skills, football skills, speed, and strength instruction they need and deserve while training at our facility. 

Our sports facility is state of the art including a large, newly renovated athletic conditioning facility and multiple basketball courts. In addition to our incredible sports training facilities, our counselors and coaching staff are experienced when it comes to working with athletes, amateur and professional, making training both fun and challenging.

Foundation Academy’s highly trained and experienced basketball coaching staff has over fifty years of combined coaching experience. Our staff strives to not only teach the individual skills that make an athlete great, but to also focus on the team work aspect of the game. Basketball is a great tool to teach our youth the value of teamwork, setting and achieving goals, sacrifice, and accountability. 

Our strength and football staffs are educated in their fields, and are eager to enhance the lives of the athletes they coach each day. They have experience both playing and coaching/teaching in their respective areas and continue to develop and study to stay current in their ever-changing fields.