Basketball Tournaments

Foundation Elite Tournaments Rules & Schedule

Tournament Rules
Admission: $10.00 (5 and under free)
Guaranteed 2 Games
Check In: No later than one 1/2 hour before the scheduled start time.
Rules: National High School Federation rules as modified by National AAU.
Games: 14 minute halves. Clock will stop on free throws, timeouts, and the last two minutes of the second halves.
Fouls: Players get 6 fouls before being eliminated. Double bonus after 10 team fouls.
Technical Fouls: Any player or coach that receives two technical fouls in one game will be eliminated from the remaining games.
Timeouts: 3 Full timeouts
Tie games: 1st Overtime-2 minutes, additional timeouts-1 minute
Home team: Teams listed first for pool play will be the (HOME TEAM) and wear white or light-colored uniform tops. The home team will provide the game ball and official bookkeeper.
Visiting Team: Teams listed second for pool play will be (VISITING TEAM) and wear dark colored uniform top. The visiting team will provide a clock keeper if necessary. 
Slaughter Rule: If one team is 20 points ahead, the clock will continuously run through the last two minutes of the game.
1. No person other than the bench coach of the participating team (of the game in progress) will be allowed to attempt to communicate with the game officials and/or scoring table personnel during the game. 2. The Head Coach of any team is responsible for the conduct of the coaches, players, and will result in ejection from the tournament. 3. Handshakes between participating teams will be done prior to the opening tip-off