Speed, Strength, & Agility

Strength and speed sessions are designed for all athletes looking for improved overall performance. All drills are designed to improve quickness, speed & lateral movement with a concentration on footwork and form which are building blocks to a better, more agile athlete. All athletes will have a baseline test and will be assessed monthly to track progress and will be trained by Speed and Agility Specialists. They will learn how to move more efficiently and effectively to produce better results.

Classes are offered Friday & Sunday $25.00 per class or $120.00 a month you must  scheduled appointment due to limited spaces. Please register early 


4:00-5:30  5:30-6:30  6th - 8th grade  6:30-7:30 5th grade and under


1:30-2:30  6th grade and under  2:30-3:30 7th grade and up  

Football Specific Training Only

4:30-530 6th grade and under

5:30-6:30 7th grade and up

For more information please contact or call 804 744-7600